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Founded in 2010 by a team of Afghan’s and expat’s with over 30 years combined experience in the creative fields, Kuchi Productions aims to bring a new standard of quality to film, photography and design within Afghanistan and to present to the international community a vision of the country hitherto unseen.

We specialise in accessing areas of the country which may appear beyond reach, yet with careful planning and respect for local customs we can access a hidden world and in doing so reveal the untold stories of our times.


Production of the highest quality documentary film is the central passion of the Kuchi Productions team. Drawing on the experience of a multinational, award winning crew combined with local knowledge and cutting edge equipment, each film made aims to give a unique window into another world with the highest production values possible.

Tazi: A journey with the Afghan Hounds
The Afghan Hound, loved by owners the world over, is refereed to as 'Tazi' by the native breeders, who cherish the dogs as a fast and agile hunter. The dog you will encounter in Afghanistan often leads a very different life from it's Western cousin. Through this film we aim to reveal the lives of the dogs in their native environment, and gain insight into the owners who have kept them for centuries. Watch here a promo of this film.


Saboor: Kabul’s Uncle Traffic
This is a short form documentary charting the life of Kabul’s most well known and loved traffic policeman, Abdul Saboor. Throughout his working life Saboor has toiled under every regime going, from the Communists to the Taliban he never quit his post, a fact that was noticed by former Mujahadeen president Ustad Rabbani, who promised him his own plot of land. 16 years later and Saboor is yet to receive his gift, yet he lives in hope and can still be found directing traffic in his trademark style.

Sparlo takes place in the predominantly Uzbek provinces of Sar-e- Pul, Sheberghan and Balkh in northern Afghanistan during the buzkashi season of 2010/2011. Sparlo focuses on two families from different tribes possessing some of the most gifted riders in Afghanistan. At a time when power struggles within the country are at an increase and as international forces struggle to continue rationalizing a continued presence in Afghanistan, Sparlo offers proof of the parallel, continuing life. If the emergence of culture and industry through the sport of buzkashi proves nothing else, it proves that something, albeit as a microcosm, works in Afghanistan. Sparlo, not merely a film, forms an original record of a country of extraordinary beauty with a proud history where decent people struggle to rise above the trials of everyday life.

- Click here for a promo of this film.
- Click here for the full story about Sparlo.


Afghanistan’s unique landscape and diverse peoples framed against a backdrop of history and culture as rich as any you might encounter in this part of the world make the pursuit of photography as an art form something that comes naturally to a production company based here. Our experienced photographers have worked with a number of international organisations in various provinces to help capture unique visions of Afghanistan.


By drawing on the country’s bountiful design heritage we aim to marry contemporary marketing techniques with inspirations from Afghanistan’s past and in doing so create messaging and branding that will promote thought as well as action.

The vision of the Art for Peace Initiative "KabulStreet" by Kuchi Productions is to promote the message of peace in Afghanistan through the expressivity of the arts. KabulStreet wish to portray a visual representation of the communities desire to move from war towards peace.

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Afghan hound

Afghan hound film - update
Due to the overwhelming response to our request for your insights into a potential movie on the Afghan Hound in it's native environment, we regret that we could not respond individually to all questions. However we are very grateful for your input and insights, and have taken note of your suggestions. We aim to start production in the spring, in order to catch the breeding and hunting seasons in the North of the country in full swing during amiable weather. We would like to thank again all who got in touch and hope you will look forward to further stills and a completed film early in 2013.

Afghan hound

Afghan hound film
Kuchi Films is looking to produce a documentary film based in Afghanistan about the Afghan hound breed, encompassing it’s history, it’s distinguishing characteristics and it’s current role in Afghan life as a working dog. We plan to shoot at various locations around the country where these dogs have a prominent presence, including Mazar-e-Sharif in the North and potentially Zabul province, where some of the largest and rarest samples of the breed can be found. The film would be made in order to give a Western audience a unique insight into a breed of dog which holds a special place in many peoples hearts.

Partners & clients

Irish film board

Irish Film Board
Sparlo: feature length documentary on Buzkashi, produced in collaboration with the Irish Film Board.


UNDP (United nations development fund)
Saboor: Kabuls Uncle Traffic: Short from documentary on Saboor, the longest serving traffic policeman in Kabul.


UN HABITAT Afghanistan anniversary photobook 2012.


Sandy Galls Afghanistan Appeal
Sandy Galls Afghanistan Appeal - 2011 charity appeal calendar.

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